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I ship Ticci Toby with Clockwork... but it doesn’t mean I won’t write an ‘x reader’ about him >:3
[F/n] - first name, [L/n] - last name
[H/l] - hair length, [H/c] - hair color
[E/c] - eye color, [F/c] - fave color
[F/s] - fave sweet (candy), [F/f] - fave flower
T.T is 19, You are 18

     [F/n] [L/n] didn’t like large crowds.  Ever since she was young, she preferred small populations.  Although she didn’t like large population, she loved large trees.  That’s the reason she loved nature.  More trees mean less houses, which meant less people.  Which is why she bought and moved into a log cabin in the woods.  It was a cute cabin; two bedrooms downstairs, two bedrooms upstairs, the living room and tiny kitchen connected, and a single bathroom.  She also lived next to a huge lake.
     Although she didn’t like large groups, [F/n] seemed to be concerned about others well being.  She actually got into trouble, a lot, when she was younger because she would always bring home injured animals to help.  Strangely enough, [F/n] didn’t want to be a nurse, and she never did.  In fact, she just owns a small ice cream shop in her small town.  Because what could heal a mental or emotional problem better than ice cream?  You know, besides a professional doctor?
     [F/n] was quietly walking home.  It was a long walk on a one-way dirt road.  [F/n] liked the quiet, it gave her time to either think about her day, or it was just peaceful to walk in said silence.  [F/n] would have kept walking the path, if she hadn’t heard a ‘thunk’ from the woods.  Although the person who sold her the cabin told her to never go off the path, [F/n] could be labeled as a troublemaker, so of course she headed towards the noise.  She thought it was just an injured animal, and wanted to help.  So, she broke yet another rule and went off the path and into the woods.  She really didn’t think things through that often.
     “Hello?” [F/n] called out, hearing another ‘thunk.’  It sounded like someone was dragging a leg.  “Is somebody there?”
     A moment of silence passed.  [F/n] shrugged and began to turn around, but then another thunk was heard.  [F/n] noticed someone in the distance.  Without a moments thought of the trouble it could case, she walked towards the person.
     “Excuse me?” She called out.  The person jumped and looked towards her.  The person wore a mask and orange goggles on his head, a dull brown sweatshirt with striped sleeves and a teal hood, black gloves, black jeans, and black and white sneakers.  His brunette hair was a mess... and he was bleeding!  “Are you okay?”
     The boy nodded, twitching frequently.
     “But your head is bleeding!” Concern dripped off of [F/n]’s voice, like a worried mother.  The stranger touched his head, then looked at the gloves.  As if he hadn’t realized it.  “I am NOT going to leave an injured person alone in the woods!  Come on, I have a first aid kit at my house.”
    [F/n] held out her hand.  The boy continued to twitch, hesitating a moment, then taking her hand.  She smiled warmly at him, then began to walk him to her house.  Didn’t think THAT over, did she?
~[F/n]’s House~
     “Sorry for the long walk.  I’m not a fan of having a lot of neighbors....  You wait here, I’ll go get the first aid kit.  Oh!  By the way, I’m [F/n], just so you don’t get help from a complete stranger.” [F/n] said, sitting him at her table, completely in between the kitchen and living room.  The still unnamed boy continued cracking his bones as he looked around.  He really liked [F/n]’s place.  He was confused as to why she was helping a complete stranger.  But, it was better than getting in trouble for getting blood everywhere.
     “Okay, um...  I didn’t catch your name.  May I know it?”  [F/n] asked as she walked in the room(s), and placing the first aid kit on the table.  The boy was thankful for his mask as his face started to feel very warm.
     “Toby....”  Toby mumbled, cracking his neck.  [F/n] smiled at him, making him look down at his lap from embarrassment.
     “I’ve always liked that name.  Okay, Toby, this might sting a little, but it’s so your head doesn’t get infected.” She said sweetly, pouring a liquid on a cotton ball.  Toby didn’t feel the sting.
     It only felt like a few seconds, so it ended too quickly for Toby.  [F/n] said something cheerfully, but Toby’s mind was distracted; she was holding his favorite ice cream.
     “Here.  Now you might want to head home, your guardian must be worried!” [Fn] smiled, kissing Toby’s now wrapped up wound and went to the bathroom.  Toby didn’t want to leave, but he didn’t want [F/n] to get hurt.  Reluctantly, Toby left.  Pulling his mask down to eat the delicious ice cream.
~A Week Later~
     [F/n] walked up her porch warily.  It had been a week since she started feeling like she was being watched.  That, and someone’s been calling her, but when she picks up and says hello, the person hangs up.  The person would call from a private number, so she couldn’t track the caller either.  So, she had a reason to be concerned.
     As [F/n] got to her door, she noticed a heart shaped [f/c] box on her porch swing.  She picked it up and took the note off.  She smiled as she read it.
     I’m sorry if I scared you.  I got your number from a phone book, I wanted to thank  you verbally.  But I kept chickening out.  Sorry, and thank you for healing the wound.  And thanks for the ice cream ~ Toby
     [F/n] sighed in relief.  That explained the house calls.  She opened the box and smiled even wider.  It was filled with [f/s], a [f/f] taped to the top of the box.  [F/n] giggled and walked inside, eating the candy as she did.
     When [F/n] walked in, she noticed her television was on, and staticky.  Placing the box down on her table, she grabbed the remote.
     “Weird.” She mumbled, trying to turn it off.  Figuring the remote was either broken or out of battery, [F/n] went to the tv and pressed the off button.  It continued to static, so she pressed on it harder, getting VERY annoyed.  She didn’t expect Link to pop out of the screen.
     “Stop that!” He yelled, annoyed.  [F/n] screamed and punched Link square in the nose.  “OW!”
     “Well, you DID have it coming, Ben.  You can’t just scare people like that and expect not to get punched.”  A voice scoffed from behind.  [F/n] spun around and screamed even louder.  SLENDERMAN was standing behind her, with his arms crossed, blank face obviously annoyed.
     “So, you’re [F/n].” Jeff the freaking Killer stated, appearing in front of her and smirking.  Before [F/n] could scream again, Jeff covered her mouth with his sweatshirt sleeve.  “FUCK, that’s annoying!...  BUT, you are really pretty.  Maybe you’d look better with me, instead of - OW!”
     Toby had shoved Jeff into a wall, hugging [F/n] tightly.  She was shaking in fear.  “Stop it!  All of you are scaring her!”
     “Toby is right, boys.  It would be bad if a new member of the family is scared of everyone else.” Slenderman pointed out with a sigh.  [F/n] froze.  New member?  Family?  WHAT!?
     “She hasn’t met EVERYONE.” Ben pouted.
     “Not the point, Ben.”
     “So, can she live with us?” Toby whined, hugging her tighter.  “PLEASE!”
     “I don’t see why not.  But she has to WANT to come.  We don’t need another ‘incident.’”
     “Please, [F/n]!  People don’t bother us!  And I won’t let any of them touch you!  Your like waffles, I love you, you’re mine, and NO ONE else can touch you!” [F/n] had no idea what waffles had to do with anything; but it didn’t sound bad... that, and she was terrified of what would happen if she said no.  “Will you come live with us?”
     “I-I don’t see why not....” [F/n] stuttered with a small smile.  An arm wrapped around her.
     “You can stay in MY room, if you want.” Ben purred.  Toby pushed you aside, growling angrily.  The next thing [F/n] knew, a hatchet was embedded in Ben’s head.
     “Oww!” Ben whined as Jeff tried to get the hatchet out.
     “I already said it, BEN!  She.  Is.  MINE!” Toby yelled.
     Slenderman put a tendril on [F/n]’s shoulder.  She looked up at him, his no-face seemed concerned.  “I hope you know what you’re doing, [F/n].”
    So do I.... [F/n] thought, unaware that Slenderman heard.  She chuckled and watched Toby throw her over his shoulders, she yelled at him to put her down, he laughed and ignored her.
     She has no idea what she got herself into. Slender chuckled, ripping the hatchet out of Ben’s head.

Ticci Toby is awesome.  And also, WAFFLES! :iconwaffleplz:

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